Software Architecture

Global Setup Strategy

01 Dec 2012
Posted by Steven

Recently, I began reading Clean Code by Uncle Bob (again). In chapter 11 ("Systems"), he writes about a "Global Setup Strategy" of an application. As I understood it, it is the master plan for instantiation of objects and the references between them. Following such a strategy should separate the construction of a system from its usage.

Posted by Steven

One topic of discussion I encountered in every project so far is the “right” usage of Springs Dependency Injection (DI). In this article, I want to describe how this controversial feature is used in my current project.

Extending Java Enums

21 Oct 2012
Posted by Steven

I often stumble over ideas that are cool in some way and that I would never have thought about it. One of those ideas is extending Java Enums. Often frameworks and toolkits bring some kind of enumeration with them. For most of the tasks at hand, the elements in those Enums are sufficient. For the other cases, they can be extended to include more status. Of cause the library cannot handle the added elements in the Enum, so the methods working with it may have to be overridden. In this article I want to show how Java Enums can be extended.

First, let's have a look at the Enum:

Posted by Steven

This article is a report about some observations I made during my time in two different projects. Each of the projects had one architect which, in retrospect, could not have been more different compared to each other. Both of them had great technical knowledge and more than 10 years of experience in IT. Both managed a legacy project that had more than 5 years of development time / uptime. However, my perception of the two was very different.