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This is what I learned in July 2021:

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This article will highlight the differences between unit tests and integration tests. It's widely known that writing tests to increase the quality of software is a good idea. There are many tools and best practices, for example Test Driven Development (TDD) and the Spring Test Slices.

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The first article in this series about JWT gave an introduction to important certificate file formats while the second article explained JWT in general. This final article in the miniseries includes more information about how signing JWTs works, including code snippets for Java.

The complete source code of this article can be found here.

JWT Fundamentals

29 Jul 2021
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In the past, I worked with JSON Web Tokens (JWT) a couple of times. To back up and share my knowledge, I'll write a miniseries about the topic. In the first article, I gave an introduction to the most important file formats regarding certificates: pem, pub, csr and crt. In this second article, I want to introduce the most crucial concepts of JWT. The third article will include code for how to work with JWT using Java. The final article will include some more in-depth topics about verification and signing.

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In this article, I want to explain some file formats used to hold cryptographic keys and certificates. It is not meant to be a complete list of file formats, but just the first article of a miniseries about JWT. Hence, this article is structured to highlight the steps needed to create the keys of an asymmetric private/public key pair.

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This is what I learned in May and June 2021: