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From March  to June 2018 I have the great privilage to be the visiting professor for the course Software Engineering at the Ostfalia university in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, in representation of Prof. Dr. Bernd Müller. Most of the students study computer science and are in their 3rd term. This article explains what topics I teach and why.


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Normally, I write a "Lessons Learned" article each month. The last one was published in December 2017, which shows how busy I've been in the past months. To catch up, this article will contain detailed lessons learned for January 2018. Later in the text, there will be more general lessons about those busy past months.

This is what I learned in January 2018:

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11 Mar 2018
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The next issue of Java Aktuell (02/2018) will contain an article I wrote about Remote Working. This is one of my favourite topics since I began working with colleagues from Romania and I'm convinced that with the right methods and processes, remote work will enhance both work quality as well as the personal life. That's basically the core message of what I wrote in the magazine.

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2017 was a special year for me in many regards. It also has been an experiment. Even before the year started, I tried to take part in as many events, talks and conferences as possible. Speaking to and with other developers gives me a great deal of joy and I`m very happy to share my experiences so that others will have an easier time solving their problems. That is the reason why I participated in community events right from the start of my career.

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This is what I learned in December 2017:

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In the great book "Tools of Titans" by Tim Ferris, I read about manager’s schedule and creator's schedule. In this article, I explain the difference between both and how I use them.