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This site is supposed to be a showcase for my thoughts about software engineering, less a personal homepage. If you want to know more about me, invite me to a beer.

Also, have a look at my book "Developer on the Stage".


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Welcome to the 3rd newsletter for my upcoming book "Developer on the Stage"! In the last weeks, a lot has been going on. Here are the most important facts and plans:


The very good news is that I finished the first version of the book, had it proof-read by some readers, finished the layout for ebook and print version and setup everything in Kindle Direct Publishing. So, I am indeed ready to hit the big button ("publish" that is)!

I plan to release the book on Saturday 5th of June 2021. That is 3 days from now.

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This is what I learned in April 2021:

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Welcome to the second newsletter for my upcoming book “Developer on the Stage” that will guide software developers to their first successful talk.

In the last newsletter (which you can read 

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This is what I learned in March 2021:

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I’m not a marketing guy. Actually, there are some issues involving me that would qualify as anti-marketing. However, I know some awesome things I perceive as great marketing. Here is a list of four of them, in no particular order, without being complete.

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Kind of sneakily, I mentioned before that I'm about to publish a book. It is called "Developer on the Stage". This book will guide you through your very first talk as a developer. It will help you find the right idea, structure your thoughts and build a talk that is both instructive and built on your individual experiences. You will learn about the different types of conferences and talks as well as how to get a speaking slot at an event that supports your first talk. A lot of small but important habits for the situation on stage will help you be well-prepared.