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This is what I learned in June 2016:

How I use DTOs

07 Jun 2016
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Because I recently read about this pattern, here are some words about how I use DTOs, Data Transition Objects. DTOs are used to transport data, for example from server to client and vice versa. Let's have a look at the case where you want to load data from a server to represent it in a client.

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This is what I learned in May 2016:

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Today I wanted to introduce Degraph in my project to track cyclic dependencies. This got me a java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError which I had never seen before. Here’s a brief report how I solved this.

First, I added Degraph to my Maven-build project by adding this to my pom.xml:

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This is what I learned in April 2016:

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Some of the problems in everyday software development are luxury problems. Like when you work in a greenfield project and are able to choose how you implement equals() and hashCode(). However, this decision will have a major effect for the project down the road. So here are the options I found out and my decision making process.