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This site is supposed to be a showcase for my thoughts about software engineering, less a personal homepage. If you want to know more about me, invite me to a beer.

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If a project lives long enough, it can be a good idea to update one part or the other. That way, new features can be used and the code base is up to date. During the last weeks I updated the frontend of a larger web application from ExtJS 3 to ExtJS 4. A lot of custom CSS rules were used.

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It`s been a while since I wrote about my experiences in Software Engineering. With a new article, I want to extend and review my former report.

Wishlist online

02 Nov 2010
Posted by Steven

I just added a wishlist to my website. Hopefully, that will cause christmas to bring useful presents.

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My experiences regarding Software Engineering during the last six months can be found in this article. At the time being, it will only be avalaible in german.

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Short but important change in my life: I moved to Gifhorn to do my internship at Volkswagen.

New GTD and ZTD Links

02 Jan 2010
Posted by Steven

I just added two links to the ZDT article: The GTD-Blogger Leo Babauta and the (german) Zen to Done is a good place to start with GTD.