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Gaming is part of IT. For me, it is a quite important one because my career started with computer games.

Global Setup Strategy

01 Dec 2012
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Recently, I began reading Clean Code by Uncle Bob (again). In chapter 11 ("Systems"), he writes about a "Global Setup Strategy" of an application. As I understood it, it is the master plan for instantiation of objects and the references between them. Following such a strategy should separate the construction of a system from its usage.

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This article covers a problem I encountered using Hibernate 3.0 and Spring 2.5.6.

Yesterday, I spend one hour to debug the following error from the Hibernate Schema Validation:

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One topic of discussion I encountered in every project so far is the “right” usage of Springs Dependency Injection (DI). In this article, I want to describe how this controversial feature is used in my current project.

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The other day I had a discussion with a coworker about comments. Often he annotates the parts of the code that he writes with his name / SVN name like this:

  1. // EXBLUB1

The reasons for this are:

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Recently, a colleague asked me, if I still enjoy being in the new team. I immediately answered that with an honest “yes”, although we both agree that our project is far away from the cutting edge of new technology. My coworker said that it is understandable that young developers rather want to play with new frameworks and new languages instead of building a Swing application like we do. Additionally, our project also is not a green field. It has been around for years.