Steven Schwenke

Mission Statement for my work as a software developer

I am an engineer. I apply analytic thinking to problems and find a pragmatic solution that isn't a quick fix, but a lasting value.

I am part of a team. In my software development team, I communicate clearly and proactively. I thrive for consistency and integrity of the creations of my team.

I am a software craftsman. I am proud of my work and understand it as part of the creation of the community of software craftmanship, which I support.

I am and always will be a student. I will keep the beginners mind by playing and experimenting without the fear of failure. There will always be things I have to learn and I will make mistakes, which develop me.

I am an optimist and a realist. I always apply this mission statement in good faith and to achieve great results together with my team. In doing so, I am willing to learn and to teach. However, I acknowledge reality and respect mission statements of other people. Because I will not violate my mission statement, I will leave every situation where my core values are not shared.

I am a senior professional. I accept and comprehend the individual customer situation. I provide advice which can, but not has to be, used for making decisions by the customer. I accept that the customer will sometimes decide in favor of a quick fix rather than a sustainable but more expensive solution. I deal professionally with these decisions.


Feel free to visit my Xing-Profile for my vita or read about my Activities. More about my experience in software engineering can be found in my technology vita.